New York on 120mm Cinestill film

I´ve been shooting a lot on Cinestill film lately. Cinestill is motion picture film that has been modified so you can develop it in a c-41 process. Which is what you develop regular 35 or 120mm film with. By modifying it they remove something called rem-jet, or anti-halation backing. What ever you wanna call it. What the rem-jet does is that it removes halation off of bright light sources, so that it doesn't get a red halo around it, which is great for motion picture film. But if you develop film with rem-jet through a c-41 process it will ruin your chemicals. So they remove it and so that you can process your film like you always do. BUT. Now you don't have the anti-halation anymore. So when you take a picture with cinestill 800t for example, you will get a red halo around any bright light source, which is totally awesome looking. Some people hate it, some people love it. I love it. It gives the photo a cinematic 80s kind of look.  I think it looks really cool. 

I shot 2 rolls with it in New York and got them back from the lab today.